The AHS Matching Gift Challenge

Atlanta Humane Society pic
Atlanta Humane Society

Horace Nalle has spent the last four years as principal with Oriole Animal Health, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. Horace Nalle further serves the local animal population and pet owner community as chairman of the board with the Atlanta Humane Society.

The Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) provides individuals with a variety of opportunities to volunteer and donate to the organization. Through the AHS matching gift challenge, contributors can potentially change the lives of three homeless cats and dogs with a single donation. Working in connection with the estate of Gary Steven Raber, AHS is capable of matching any qualifying donation not just once but twice.

Donations are accepted in any amount, though contributors can visit to get a better idea of how their money will be spent. A $50 donation, for example, can allow the organization to fund adequate sleeping arrangements for a senior animal, while a $250 donation can cover a microchip procedure for one animal. Individuals who make a donation can expect frequent e-mail correspondence from AHS, allowing contributors to see their dollars hard at work and to and learn about upcoming AHS volunteer events.