Georgia Animal Vaccinations – Rabies

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An animal welfare advocate and biotechnology executive, Horace Nalle works as a principal at Oriole Animal Health, LLC, an Atlanta-based firm that invests in innovative animal medicines and vaccines. Horace Nalle also serves on the Atlanta Humane Society Board of Directors.

One simple way animal owners can prevent some illnesses in their pets is with vaccinations. Though most vaccinations are not mandatory in Georgia, the state, like most others in the US, requires animal vaccination against rabies, an infectious and incurable disease.

The rabies virus spreads through the saliva of infected animals. When humans contract the disease, the transmission is usually through an animal bite. The virus makes its way into the central nervous system, causing swelling in the brain that ends in death for the vast majority of cases.

The state of Georgia aims to stop the disease by preventing rabies from infecting animals in the first place. Georgia does so by requiring rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats. The state only recognizes vaccinations carried out by licensed veterinarians. For more information about rabies and responsible vaccinations for animals, visit the Atlanta Humane Society’s web page at