Merial’s NexGard Spectra Receives European Approval

An experienced business executive, Horace Nalle has held leadership positions with the biotech company Scynexis, Inc., and the avian genetics company Hubbard, LLC. Horace Nalle has also spent more than 15 years as the chief legal officer of Merial, a global animal health company that creates protective products for a variety of animals.

In a recent press release, Merial and its parent company, Sanofi, announced that Merial received approval from the European Commission for its NexGard Spectra product, a beef-flavored soft chew that provides internal and external parasite control for dogs in one dose per month. Horace Nalle led the team that negotiated Merial’s license to afoxalaner, the key active ingredient in NexGard. Available only through a veterinary prescription, NexGard Spectra will be offered in five different sizes for dogs of various weights. According to studies, NexGard Spectra successfully treated dogs’ tick and flea infestations for up to 30 days while also eliminating intestinal worms and blocking heartworm infection.

The press release notes that the European approval for NexGard Spectra was awarded less than a year after the release of NexGard, the innovative monthly chew that treated external parasite infestations in dogs. With NexGard Spectra, pet owners and veterinarians get the same user-friendly product, along with additional internal parasite-fighting benefits.


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