The Atlanta Humane Society

The Atlanta Humane Society

By Horace Nalle

A unique institution among U.S. humane societies, the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) acts as both an adoption center and a full-service veterinary clinic. The organization also offers public services such as canine play yards for prospective animal adopters, dog training, and a range of owner educational programs. The experienced team of professionals at the AHS has a proven track record of assisting homeless, neglected, and abused animals throughout the region.

Founded in 1873, the Atlanta Humane Society stands as the oldest private charitable organization in the city. In addition to fighting for the ethical treatment of animals, the AHS also protected the essential rights of women and children during the years of its existence, before federal legislation safeguarded them.

About the Author:

A communications, pubic affairs, and legal professional with a long involvement in animal health, Horace Nalle works for the company that manufactures the flea, tick, and heartworm medication Frontline. In 2010, Mr. Nalle took on a volunteer position as Chair of the Atlanta Humane Society.


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