The AHS Matching Gift Challenge

Atlanta Humane Society pic
Atlanta Humane Society

Horace Nalle has spent the last four years as principal with Oriole Animal Health, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. Horace Nalle further serves the local animal population and pet owner community as chairman of the board with the Atlanta Humane Society.

The Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) provides individuals with a variety of opportunities to volunteer and donate to the organization. Through the AHS matching gift challenge, contributors can potentially change the lives of three homeless cats and dogs with a single donation. Working in connection with the estate of Gary Steven Raber, AHS is capable of matching any qualifying donation not just once but twice.

Donations are accepted in any amount, though contributors can visit to get a better idea of how their money will be spent. A $50 donation, for example, can allow the organization to fund adequate sleeping arrangements for a senior animal, while a $250 donation can cover a microchip procedure for one animal. Individuals who make a donation can expect frequent e-mail correspondence from AHS, allowing contributors to see their dollars hard at work and to and learn about upcoming AHS volunteer events.


Los Angeles Moves Toward “No Kill City” Status

No Kill pledge pic
No Kill pledge

As head of Oriole Animal Health, LLC, Horace Nalle meets the biotechnology needs of clients in the animal health industry. In tandem with his animal health efforts, Horace Nalle is a longtime animal advocate who serves on the Atlanta Humane Society board. He has a strong commitment to the principles of no-kill shelters, which avoid euthanizing unclaimed animals. Each day, approximately 5,5000 dogs are euthanized, which represents half of all canines admitted to shelters.

Los Angeles is a city that has made significant progress, as a No Kill pledge signed by the city council in 2011 committed the city to becoming a “no kill” animal shelter municipality by 2017. Over the past five years, the euthanization rate has dropped dramatically, from 42 percent to less than 16 percent, making the city well on its way to become officially “no kill.”

Those who work within the network of the 100 local shelters are not claiming that Los Angeles will ever become 100 percent “no kill.” There are always a number of animals who come in to shelters with car injuries and serious diseases who simply don’t make it. That said, a 90 percent target save rate means that euthanization is not being practiced as a way of simply controlling animal population.

France’s Scenic and Historic Massif Central Region

Massif Central Region pic
Massif Central Region

Horace Nalle guides Oriole Animal Health, LLC, and provides innovative biotechnology-driven solutions to animal health companies. With a passion for travel, Horace Nalle has visited Lyon, France, on numerous occasions and hiked extensively in the Massif Central. This network of extinct volcanoes spans some 85,000 acres in the upland central part of Southern France, from Toulouse to Lyon.

Traditionally one of France’s least accessible and most rural areas, the Massif Central was circumvented by travelers other than pilgrims for centuries, and defined by valley regions such as the Velay and the Auvergne. The mountains are a paradise for ramblers and hikers, with an extensive network of footpaths augmented by long distance routes such as the Santiago trail, which begins in Le Puy en Velay. The cathedral town is one of dozens in the region known for their extant medieval architecture and an historic atmosphere.

The Massif Central is also popular among bird-watchers. The Allier gorge and Tarn gorge areas provide a haven for numerous species, from short-toed eagles to falcons. One particular success was the reintroduction of the griffon vulture two decades ago.

Georgia Animal Vaccinations – Rabies

Atlanta Humane Society pic
Atlanta Humane Society

An animal welfare advocate and biotechnology executive, Horace Nalle works as a principal at Oriole Animal Health, LLC, an Atlanta-based firm that invests in innovative animal medicines and vaccines. Horace Nalle also serves on the Atlanta Humane Society Board of Directors.

One simple way animal owners can prevent some illnesses in their pets is with vaccinations. Though most vaccinations are not mandatory in Georgia, the state, like most others in the US, requires animal vaccination against rabies, an infectious and incurable disease.

The rabies virus spreads through the saliva of infected animals. When humans contract the disease, the transmission is usually through an animal bite. The virus makes its way into the central nervous system, causing swelling in the brain that ends in death for the vast majority of cases.

The state of Georgia aims to stop the disease by preventing rabies from infecting animals in the first place. Georgia does so by requiring rabies vaccinations for dogs and cats. The state only recognizes vaccinations carried out by licensed veterinarians. For more information about rabies and responsible vaccinations for animals, visit the Atlanta Humane Society’s web page at

Studies Link Songbird Deaths to Feral Cats

Cats and Wildlife pic
Cats and Wildlife

Horace Nalle, a business leader in the animal vaccine industry, actively supports animal welfare causes through the Atlanta Humane Society, where he serves on the board of directors. One of Horace Nalle’s interests is the threat to endangered songbirds by feral cats.

According to research by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, cats kill up to 3.6 billion birds annually in America. The vast majority of these birds are killed by feral and stray cats. A study published in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases in June 2016 suggests that feral cats also endanger bird populations by acting as disease carriers.

One solution to the problem could be to target irresponsible cat owners who do not spay or neuter their pets and contribute to the feral and stray cat population. However, mandatory spay and neuter legislation is controversial and has little evidence to support its effectiveness.

Do Dogs Like Being Hugged?

Hugging Dogs pic
Hugging Dogs

A lawyer with over three decades of experience, Horace Nalle is now a principal at Atlanta-based Oriole Animal Health, LLC (, a consulting and investment firm focused on innovative vaccines and medicines for animals.. Horace Nalle is also the board chair of the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS), where he works to reduce pet homelessness in Georgia.

A nonprofit organization established in 1873, AHS has transitioned from child protection and animal welfare agency to a recognized pet adoption and veterinary center. It also performs animal advocacy work and publishes a regular blog on animal welfare.

In one of its recent blog posts, AHS addresses recent debate about hugging dogs. The writer, certified dog trainer Mailey McLaughlin, wrote the post out of concern over the misinformation floating around social media that a scientific study showed that dogs do not like hugs. McLaughlin rebuffs the statement, claiming that no scientific study can accurately represent all dogs. She did, however, offer her opinion based on experience: she believes that many dogs dislike hugs, some just tolerate them, and a few dogs that actually like them.

McLaughlin also warns against hugging dogs that one doesn’t know, as doing so might result in dog bites. Moreover, in order to avoid provoking aggression, people must learn to approach the dog properly by asking permission and waiting for the dog to come to their space.

Hamilton Wins Big at 2016 Tony Awards

Hamilton pic

A longtime animal advocate and chairman of the board at the Atlanta Humane Society, Horace Nalle is a principal at Atlanta-based Oriole Animal Health, a consulting and investment firm that works to advance innovative veterinary medications and vaccines. Outside of his professional life, Horace Nalle enjoys composing his own music and attending Broadway shows.

Recently, the Broadway industry has once again honored this year’s best musicals through its annual Tony Awards Show. This year, the night’s big winner was the hip-hop musical “Hamilton.”

Even before the awards night, Hamilton has already made history by receiving the most number of nominations for a musical with 16 nominations – practically all categories for which it is eligible. Hamilton broke the record previously held by The Producers (2001) and Billy Elliot (2009). Out of the 16 nominations, Hamilton went on to win 11 honors, including Best Musical, ending up just one award shy of The Producers’ record 12 wins in 2001.

Hamilton was written and composed by Lin Manuel-Miranda. It chronicles the life of the historical figure Alexander Hamilton, George Washington’s friend and chief staff aide and one of the less well-known founding fathers.